Friday, January 9, 2015

9 Months In, 9 Months Out

Ethan's first 9 months on the outside have absolutely flown by. We had his first Thanksgiving (he liked the food) and his first Christmas (also liked the food). He got a bit overwhelmed by all the people but calmed down and had fun. As long as someone he knew was holding him!  He got a bunch of fun toys, he really loves the Fisher Price crawl around car - and so does Audrey. They like to play in it together, which is great to see. He is also a HUGE fan of the princess magiclip dolls that Audrey got. He is not allowed to touch them though when she's home, she freaks out lol.

He also started crawling, pulling to stand on everything, going up a few stairs, and cruising like a pro! He wants to walk on his own so badly but isn't quite there yet. I'm sure it will be coming soon! He's a little late on verbal stuff but he is babbling all the consonants now, so I'm sure he'll catch up. We're trying to make sure we read to him a ton so he can hear tons of words.

Ethan is also a champion eater and will try pretty much anything and then look for more! He eats 3 full meals a day plus 4-5 bottles. He can drink out of pretty much any straw cup also. He's at 2 naps a day and hopefully stays like that for a while!  He's a smiley, sweet, baby and I can't wait to see what the next months bring.

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